this websizza is closed. i cant bring myself to delete it yet though. FANX.



well…I’m back on the isle of wight, sleeping on a mattress in my mums office. yeah. so…im getting much richer, and the fakie heels are getting more butters than a cows udder juice. I also watched my dad gun down a pigeon in the garden today. not entirely sure how i feel about that. ha.


another job bites the dust. kind of a bit thank fuck though because it was hot and hideous and i really dont think being a chef of any kind is to be my calling in life.

so who knows whats next. moving somewhere, doing something.  thats usually what happens. you gotta hope so.


this ones been around before but i pimped him a but and stuck him up in the empty shop exhibition. somebody called it ‘tragically comedic’ i think. looks better in pen tho ay?.

got quit/fired this week. no job and homeless in two weeks. hmmmmm